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Activities at UC Irvine, MSU, and the Community

Below is a sampling of the activities that I have done and continue to do.

UC Irvine Chemistry Outreach

Start Date  October 2, 2014

This program involves a few chemistry graduate students traveling to local and inner city schools to conduct demonstrations and explanations of fun, simple chemistry experiments.  Some other activities that I actively participate in include: laboratory tours for secondary and primary school children and science fair judging.

Mankato Area Adaptive Ski Program (MAASP)

Start Date  January 3, 2010
End Date  March 1, 2013

While at MSU, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with adaptive downhill skiers (skiers that have any sort of disability to prevent them from skiing what others call "normally.")  I finished my fourth season with this program, and I had the opportunity to take an Urban Studies Course during spring 2011 particular semester dealing with community leadership and service.  Through this course, we wrote essays about our organization of our choice, and volunteered approximately 30 hours.  A major focus of each of these essays was reflection on an assortment of topics.  Please see below for a copy of each essay.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Affiliates Club Vice President

I was elected vice president for the 2012-2013 academic year of the ACS Chemistry Club at MSU.  With this role, I planned social and professional events for members and also planned/hosted Chemists in the Library, which had other undergraduates showing/explaining chemical experiments to elementary school children.  Additionally, coordinated and participated in an annual fundraiser of selling goggles to chemistry teaching laboratories.

Golden Key International Honour Society Social Director

For both the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years, I was the social director for Golden Key International Honour Society at MSU.  With this organization, we performed community service projects with other high-achieving students.  I planned activities and social events for members once per month in addition to working with other board members to promote Golden Key and worked with other organizations to do more community projects.

Greater Mankato Leaders of Tomorrow Program

Start Date  August 22, 2010

I was a member of the Greater Mankato Leaders of Tomorrow Program (LoT) that "offers students from the 5 [Mankato] area colleges the opportunity to network with local business, community and non-profit leaders and to develop leadership skills through educational sessions and special events" (LoT Link).   Please see below for a reflection on one activity that I did while in this program.

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